Youth Day 2022

TRUE ICONS aims to recognise the young and audacious spirit within each and everyone of us. It also sheds a spotlight on how MultiChoice has impacted and continues to drive meaningful and positive change for Mzansi’s youth.

Through our various CSI initiatives, content, and partnerships, we have been able to change and enrich the lives of young people. With that in mind, we honour the youth of Mzansi, who are unapologetically and authentically themselves.

This youth month we recognise you – a TRUE ICON. We celebrate generations of trailblazing, worthy and creative individuals who continue to inspire those around them and fight for a future worth living. Through our goal to enrich lives, we have been part of some amazing journeys with dynamic, and innovative and inspirational young individuals.


"Character will sustain where your talent takes you. I don’t partake in the norms or peer pressure of what the world says you should do or you should become. And that’s what I want the youth to see - that if I can do it, so can they.” – Robot Boii

“One of my passions is freedom of expression, it’s pivotal to give everyone an equal voice. It’s extremely important to support youth media, to make sure that the youth have a voice and their issues are ventilated properly.” – Nadia Padayachee

"Being a healer I’ve been stigmatised by people that don’t understand what is happening, but I’ve changed that narrative. Day by day I’m educating society and young people. We don’t have to believe in the same thing, but let’s all be accommodative of each other.” - Mphowabadimo



A true icon leaves a legacy for generations to come, even if that legacy is as simple as a smile

A true icon doesn’t listen to the naysayers, they forge ahead with their journey

A true icon is not afraid of the unknown and believes in themselves

A true icon will choose to get up everyday and fight for a better tomorrow

A true icon embraces their hardships and doesn’t let anything get them down

A true icon knows that even though life is tricky, everything will eventually be ok

A true icon isn’t scared to be vulnerable, they know that vulnerability produces strength

A true icon creates without bounds and knows their potential is limitless.

A true icon innovates, inspires and impacts positive change

A true icon is someone who is true to themselves always

A true icon leads with valour and compassion

A true icon knows how to effect change for the greater good of society

A true icon knows that falling down 7 times, means standing up 8 times

A true icon recognises that in order to achieve a common goal, no one man can do it alone

A true icon knows the power of enriching the lives of others and lives that daily

A true icon recognises that their imperfections make them unique and devine