Kokkedoor - the Afrikaans reality cooking show returned to KykNET screens on Thursday, 18 July 2019 for a third season.

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Kokkedoor - the Afrikaans reality cooking show returned to KykNET screens on Thursday, 18 July 2019 for a third season.

Kokkedoor cooks up a storm on KykNET

The MultiChoice Group (MCG) is deliberate in its investment in local content and talent development, creating authentic stories that resonate with its consumers across the African continent. One such show is the Afrikaans reality cooking show, Kokkedoor, which returned to KykNET screens on Thursday, 18 July 2019 for a third season. 

This wildly popular Afrikaans food competition pairs 10 home cooks with 10 professional chefs to reimagine South African cooking. 

“Cooking and sharing a meal brings people together, by allowing different cultures to be discovered and embraced through food. Food is a fun vehicle to learn about people and where they come from. It has such a deep tie to tradition and memories and is so ingrained in our social landscape that it’s hard to imagine any kind of gathering without it,” says MultiChoice General Entertainment CEO Yolisa Phahle. 

This is a sentiment echoed by one of the three experienced judges, who share why South African food excites him. “South African cooking is really simple and uncomplicated, but the food is full of unique flavours and ingredients that are indigenous to the country. Cooking these meals and sharing our culture with others is how we show our hospitality,” says Kokkedoor judge, chef Nic van Wyk. 

Another Kokkedoor judge, Sam Woulidge adds, “I am incredibly excited by South African food. Though some people might refer to our food heritage as cultural appropriation, I prefer to think of it as cultural amalgamation. There is the wonderful blend of spices and the use of different cultures. Also, when one travels overseas, you start to realise that South Africa has some of the finest chefs in the world, doing exciting things. The traditional foods that South Africans grew up with are being used in innovative ways that are world class.” 

For MultiChoice, though, it is so much more than the battle between 10 eager teams to win favour with the three judges and title of best chef in South Africa. 

Local content is a key differentiator of MCG’s offering. Last year, the group invested about R2.5 billion on local productions and around 4 500 hours of local content was produced and added to the extensive library of over 40 000 hours of local content. With 22 proprietary channels, MCG broadcasts 21 different languages. As the anchor to Africa’s entertainment industry, MCG has acquired extensive production facilities with 10 studios across Africa. 

“Through our investments in infrastructure, technology, empowerment initiatives and local content development, we empower a supply chain which in turn supports local businesses and communities,” adds Phahle. “By working together, we can continue to deliver the best quality local content, as well as enrich the lives of our African stories, told by Africans for Africans.” 

 Kokkedoor airs on kykNET Channel 144 on Thursday evenings at 20:00 and is also available on DStv NOW. 

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