Leandro Patrício Bravo de Lima

Leandro Patrício Bravo de Lima

If I could make a TV show, it would be a reality show where homeless people are picked to make their dreams come true in terms of a career start,” says emerging filmmaker Leandro Patrício Bravo de Lima (nicknamed Lee Bogotá). Born in 1989 in Luanda, Angola, Leandro has a background in engineering and later studied film and TV production in Cape Town and concluding his degree in São Paulo, Brazil. Leandro says he hopes to acquire a deeper understanding of the industry at the Talent Factory, saying, “I hope to gain knowledge about the science of filmmaking in terms of script writing, adapting books into films, to know how to run a set as a director and to be able get my films up to standards in order to enter international festival.”

Citing Rui Sérgio Afonso, Mário Bastos and Ery Claver as filmmakers who have inspired his own career path, Leandro says, “They gave me the opportunity to evolve as an artist sharing their knowledge without holding back, they’re also shaping the Angolan film scene in their own way and even with the lack of resources films are still being made.”